September 9, 2011

It's Not About Your Art...

One of my favorite books and one that has become a bible, of sorts in my arsenal of business books, is Howard Behar's "It's Not About the Coffee." 

Recently I encountered a man who has been working with people in a human resources capacity and who has failed to realize that it's not about what jobs he finds them, or even how many companies he signs up for the staffing agency. What matters is whether he goes the extra mile and shows the people he comes in contact with that they aren't just assets or revenue, but people. He should want more for them than he wants for himself. Until he does that, he'll never find success or significance in his work.

The same goes for artisans. It's not just about your work. Your business is about making your employees, clients and customers feel comfortable, appreciated and  valued. That is what separates Craft Entrepreneurs - and other small business owners - from the Big Box stores. With that perspective, it leaves room for others to truly appreciate and trust your work.

It's really not about the coffee.

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