January 17, 2012

Building Your Web Site: A Primer for Crafters and Artisans

Join us for a two-hour workshop that will give you the information you need to build and maintain a profitable web site for your craft or artisan business. The session includes:
·        A Dynamic Web site: Not Mission Impossible.
Having a great looking web site that works hard for your business is not tough to do. You just need to remember five simple rules.

·        What Makes Web Sites So Important to Crafters/Artists
Learn what artists and crafters have that so many other web sites don’t, and what can you do to exploit it to build your brand.

·        How A Web Site Can Uniquely Help You Succeed in Your Business
The three things your site can help you do.

·        What Are The Elements Of A Great Web Site?
We break down the elements of a web site, and learn how each promotes our business and engages our customers. Learn what annoys most customers. And learn how your web site can help you connect with your customers.

·        How Do You Decide What Kind Of Web Site Do You Need?
What are the different types of web sites that you can create and how can each work for you? Do you create your own or hire an expert?  Answer these 10 questions to find out. How do you ensure security for your customers?

·        Working with a Developer – and Not Going Broke.

·        You’ve decided to hire a professional developer. How do you make sure you are getting your money’s worth?

·        Web Analytics – what the numbers mean.
Your web site is up. How do you track its progress?

·        SEO Optimization – Building Your Site So that It’s Seen
Tags. Key Words. Metadata. What do they mean and how can they help you?

March 3, 2012, 10 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.
$50 non-refundable
Location: TBA

If you are interested in registering - email info@baysoapofmd.com

Coming Soon:
·        Personal and Business Branding
·        Mobile Payment Systems and other Cool Technology Tools
·        Transforming Your Craft Table into A Profitable Retail Space

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